What are the important KPIs for MEP projects?

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asked 9 years ago

I’m a project planning engineer using primavera and I’m new to this field(Planning and Construction). My PM always ask what are the KPIs in my project. So far, as we are only in the tendering stage of projects I’ll answer only if i get the master programme(Civil programme or project contract) I can determine the KPIs. Please tell me what the most common and important KPIs in MEP Programs.
P.S: I work in Dubai

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Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 9 years ago

Hello Anand,
I do understand why your PM ask for KPIs. The thing is that KPIs (or Balanced Scorecard) is a kind of common business language that businesses use. So, in your case the goal is to be able to speak in the same language in the very beginning on the tendering stage. I was writing on a similar topic in the context of nonprofits, but I think it is applicable here as well.
For Primavera do you mean a project management software? I’m not familiar with it, but as stands from its features it is project management software. Normally KPIs are controlled in performance management or strategy execution tools (like BSC Designer).
As for KPIs there are several approaches to the problem. One that I recommend is to start with defining the details of your business context (not actually KPIs). Your management team will need to answer questions like:

  • What makes our planning/construction financially successful? The answer will help to define some business objectives.
  • What do our customers expect from us? What do they need?
  • How do we create a customer value? What business processes do we use? Etc.
  • What do we need to learn to be able to deliver better customer value, or deliver is faster, or…?

With all these questions and answers management will be able to understand where the company is now (the result of this understanding might be some KPIs that management need to monitor) and where it want to be (more KPIs, but oriented on the future achievements).
Bottom line: be clear about company’s business goals, and good KPIs will come up!

KPIs or Strategy – which comes first?

Start free wizard to create your strategy map Ideally, you need to have a strategy before start thinking about KPIs. How to create a good strategy? It's tricky and will require your expertise:
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  • You will need to think about your competitors and, for sure, about your team.
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10-Step System to Find Tailor-Made Key Performance Indicators


Examples of KPIs

It is easier to get started with KPIs when you have some good examples to follow. Find here examples of KPIs for various domains.

Winning KPI Crash Course

premium-bsc-training Even the best KPIs won't change anything if they are not properly aligned with a business context, if a company's strategy is not well defined, if there is no clear understanding about what the company is measuring and way...

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