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Oana Boteanu Staff asked 4 years ago

This indicator is for measuring of Security Guard Performance in a company and how it will be useful for other sisterm company. process; More details: How efficienct they are 

KPI Units: %

KPI Time Frame: update once a month

Thanks for your request. We advise that for your KPIs to be in line with your company’s objectives, as this is the best way to ensure they bring value to strategic measures.
To create your tailored Key Performance Indicators, all you would need to do here is define the objectives for the security guards, and the strategic objectives in terms of guard performance.
These objectives could be set figures for patrolling efficiency, emergency response efficiency, inspection rate, reporting efficiency etc. Do not feel constrain by these examples, the list can be much wider and diverse, as it will relate to your company.
Once you set your ideal performance targets, measure them with KPIs, and keep track of performance metrics over given time periods. You mentioned a monthly measurement, and that is great timing.
Please do consider all external factors, for accurate results. In addition, the more KPIs you measure, the more knowledge you get from the key performance indicator analysis, as certain KPIs joint together give more information.
Let us take an example:

Average Emergency Response Time:
Total time taken to respond emergencies/ Total emergencies
For example, this could be at a current rate of 20 minutes and your ideal measure is to come down to 5 minutes. Here you can assess why it currently takes 20 minutes to respond to an emergency, and put in place strategies to minimize this KPI.

I hope that this helps. For further advice, please respond to this post with a comment.

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