Create KPIs for improved customer support service and customers experience of a software product company?

Answer QuestionsCategory: SoftwareCreate KPIs for improved customer support service and customers experience of a software product company?
asked 7 years ago

I am new to the KPIs.
I need help on defining the KPIs to measure the impact of our actions we are taking to

Improve customer support service
Customer experience with our products
Reduce the number of issues raised by the customers
Reduce the number of issue being passed to product development teams by customer support people
Improvement areas in our software products(which ultimately reduce the issues)

Could you please guide me through this how to define the KPIs to measure the impact of our actions?
Any other suggestions on how we can effectively meet the above objectives are also welcome.

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Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Lucky,
You have a good understanding of what you need. The most crucial now is to formalize this understanding on the Balanced Scorecard. The goals that you mention will most likely go into the Customer/Internal Processes perspective. And you will also need to link them to the Learning goals (actually focus learning goals on what is important).
This approach was described in the details in this article here, business goals for each perspective have their own nuances, so you might want to check out the articles that explain the process for the all 4 perspectives.
As for KPIs, you actually named some of them (like “the number of issues raised by the customers”). It will be not hard to find more when you have your strategy defined and described in the Balanced Scorecard.
For more ideas about measuring software development quality, check out this video here. Finally, we have a web-based training where we discuss all these questions, you might want to join it as well.

Lucky Lucky replied 7 years ago

Thanks Aleksey for the comments.I will refer to the articles suggested by you and will get back to you incase I have any more questions.Thanks Again!

KPIs or Strategy – which comes first?

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