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Oana Boteanu Staff asked 5 years ago

Looking for customer service related  KPIs like

  • staff concern improvement 
  • guest positive comments 
  • training 
  • attendance of staff 
  • more new guest concerns and request 

Hi, thanks for the post. Concierge is a great branch of customer services, and here KPIs are a great tool. You can measure customer satisfaction through surveys. You may measure guest positive comments as well as guest complaints.

Measuring guest complains helps you to identify the weaknesses of the concierge services and this will help make informed decisions in improving the customer experience. Staff productivity is also a good KPI. You may measure this based on tasks completed per measurement period (day, week, or month).

The most important fact is to keep a constant measurement period and take into account all external factors. For example, if there is something else that affected the guest experience, and more complains were raised, it may not necessarily be due to the quality of concierge services. Obtaining the highest level of accuracy in these metrics is crucial for truly getting the value out of key performance indicator analysis.

I hope that this helps, for further support please post a reply and we are happy to help.

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