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Oana Boteanu Staff asked 7 years ago

We are look for Emergency Preparedness Performance Indicators with the following features:

1. Participates in the formulation and development of plans of action in preparation and response to emergencies, and monitors compliance of all sectors with emergency plans of action. Assist on coordination of the management throughout emergency preparedness and response. 

2. Provides program advice related to emergencies, including on management related issues. Provides direction and guidance to the country office in the implementation of emergency preparedness measures, which strengthens preparedness and response mechanisms in emergencies. 

3. Develops and maintains databases on zonal and country information, and ensures the flow of information and communication crucial for the planning and implementation of emergencies. Identifies availability of human resources in emergency and establishes logistics plans to be implemented during an emergency operation that will ensure a timely and effective emergency response.


Thank you for your detailed post, it provides insightful information for measuring the performance of emergency management.
I added here a few KPI examples to be used, and I highly encourage other users to contribute with their opinion.
Emergency Response Time
This is usually a %, example % of emergencies that have been responded to within 10 minutes, 15 minutes etc.
Personnel available to respond to emergencies
This is particularly an important KPI especially for over time analysis. If over a period of 5 years emergency response time has increased, it may be directly proportional with the decrease of personnel available to respond to emergencies.
Training may be another great KPI to take into consideration when measuring emergency preparedness.
We look forward to more posts from the community, with ideas of KPIs to measure emergency management and preparedness performance.

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