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Sameer Ali asked 3 months ago

What are the KPIs that can be used for PDP?
PDP is Professional Development Program.

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Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 1 month ago

A short answer to this question is that we need to look at the professional development program from different perspectives – how the program was accepted emotionally, what skills were obtained, if those skills were actually used, and if used, did they help the business or not.

Also, it’s a good idea to start with the list of stakeholders. Obviously, you will have trainers, trainees, some regulators, involved organizations, etc. All will have their own ideas about what is expected, and respectively, the KPIs will need to be tailored to their needs.

Have a look at this training scorecard for more ideas.

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Examples of KPIs

It is easier to get started with KPIs when you have some good examples to follow. Find here examples of KPIs for various domains.

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