How do i set KPI for audio production managment in audio book industry?

Answer QuestionsCategory: ManagementHow do i set KPI for audio production managment in audio book industry?
asked 9 years ago

I am responsible for the production planning of more than 200 audio books per year – including some front list productions which have to be released simultaneously with the printed book. It is my mission to coordinate the internal production processes (from the creation of a production to the administration up to the invoice processing), as well as the scheduling and narrator casting in close cooperation with the studios and to keep the product quality at a consistently high level. How do i set KPI to measure the success of my work? Thanks. Massimiliano 

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Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 9 years ago

Dear Massimiliano, I’d suggest dividing your measurement efforts into two parts: 1. Monitoring of the current performance (the measurement of the success of your work). 2. Tracking the progress towards some bigger goals. To establish KPIs for monitoring, you need to analyze some historical data, as well as data from other similar companies (benchmarks). According to this data you can come up with some indicators. For example, you might track time to market (time that it takes you to release a book). Another thing is focusing and tracking the success of goals achievement. In this case the approach is first to understand what your strategy (coherent, cause-and-effect connected goals) is. Then come KPIs. For example, you might want to address better some needs of your customer. It is important to understand what your customers perceive as an excellent service. It might be fast response from your side, high-quality marketing support of their books, or less expensive operational costs. You will need to formalize all this on the strategy map. That’s the most important. Once you understand what the goals are you will need to come up with leading and lagging KPIs. When you have a good strategy map, the question with KPIs is solved easier. The scale of your project sounds like a big one, so it is a good idea to start your scorecard project in professional software, like BSC Designer.

KPIs or Strategy – which comes first?

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