Reporting HR metrics where structural changes happen frequently

Answer QuestionsCategory: HRReporting HR metrics where structural changes happen frequently
asked 8 years ago

How to report on HR metrics trending in an organisation where structural changes happen frequently and irregularly?

I wonder what other business do in terms tracking HR metrics over time.  Eg, Simple measure like annual number of FTE for the last 3 years.  Due to structural changes it is a challenge to drill down to business unit/department levels, except for keeping the metrics at a very high level.  However then it doesn’t give you the ability to drill down the details.  Help please!

1 Answers
Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Cherie,
Interesting question… While the structure of organization changes a lot I guess still there are something that remains more or less stable. For example, you can base your measurements on tracking metrics for certain roles and/or competencies, rather than specific business titles and units.
A basic example: there might be a role of sales person in the company, due to the mentioned changes one day it might be called “sales” another day “marketing,” the next month “customer engagement specialist” but in effect the person that plays the role is keep doing the same. Instead of focusing on the organizational structure you can focus on role structure, or structure related to the business goals that key employees play.

Cherie Huang replied 8 years ago

Thanks Aleksey. The trending has always been by Org Unit which rely heavily on the reporting person to manually track the changes and make adjustments. Which has really been a pain. Job family has just been brought back to the table and is going through data cleansing and validation. Will see how we can utilise that, thanks for your response!

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