what are the best kpi mesures to look at for a hairdressing salon

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
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Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 7 years ago

It’s hard to give an answer without seeing the details, but here are few ideas to consider:
How do you get new clients?

  • I guess it is based a lot on recommendations by other clients, so in your case Net Promoter Score (how likely clients will recommend you to their friends) is a good indicator. Another question is about the best way to obtain the value for it.
  • I also assume that you do some traditional marketing, in this case you will benefit from some marketing indicators. Here are some examples.

Another good question to ask is: what are your biggest challenges?

  • It is quality of service? How do you plan to improve it? Lagging measure in this case can be “returning clients.”
  • Do you have a problem with broken appointments? In that article we discussed how to measure and manage them.

Hope this is enough for the beginning. You can try finding some good indicators (and actually the ways to address your business challenges) using our 12-step system for challenging KPIs.

KPIs or Strategy – which comes first?

Start free wizard to create your strategy map Ideally, you need to have a strategy before start thinking about KPIs. How to create a good strategy? It's tricky and will require your expertise:
  • You will need to understand what your customers want and
  • How to give them what they want in the most effective way.
  • You will need to think about your competitors and, for sure, about your team.
Sounds like something complex? Not at all! Use this free Strategy Map Wizard and you will have your strategy map in 6 minutes.

10-Step System to Find Tailor-Made Key Performance Indicators


Examples of KPIs

It is easier to get started with KPIs when you have some good examples to follow. Find here examples of KPIs for various domains.

Winning KPI Crash Course

premium-bsc-training Even the best KPIs won't change anything if they are not properly aligned with a business context, if a company's strategy is not well defined, if there is no clear understanding about what the company is measuring and way...

Check out a "crash-course" for the Balanced Scorecard and KPIs.

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