How to make KPI for blue collar technical employees in manufacturing plant

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asked 7 years ago

We have 2500 employees of various nationalities at Emirates Steel
The corporate goal is defined and clear uptil Section Head line however below that it is bit challenging since the job is very routine and team base.
We are implementing PMS online for the first time and need to set appropriate criteria for the blue collar to be measure in their annual performance with simplility and easy to guage their productivity.

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Aleksey Savkin Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Omar,
Thank you for your question. As far as you have described the top level goals are defined. In your case the first challenge are not the KPIs, but the alignment between top level goals and employee level goals. Try building a strategy map (here is a how-to article on this topic) for lower levels to see how their goals contributes to the top level goals.
If you could share more details about the goals/challenges, I could probably share a more specific advise.

KPIs or Strategy – which comes first?

Start free wizard to create your strategy map Ideally, you need to have a strategy before start thinking about KPIs. How to create a good strategy? It's tricky and will require your expertise:
  • You will need to understand what your customers want and
  • How to give them what they want in the most effective way.
  • You will need to think about your competitors and, for sure, about your team.
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10-Step System to Find Tailor-Made Key Performance Indicators


Examples of KPIs

It is easier to get started with KPIs when you have some good examples to follow. Find here examples of KPIs for various domains.

Winning KPI Crash Course

premium-bsc-training Even the best KPIs won't change anything if they are not properly aligned with a business context, if a company's strategy is not well defined, if there is no clear understanding about what the company is measuring and way...

Check out a "crash-course" for the Balanced Scorecard and KPIs.

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